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Seagal's Worst...

It's been 10 years since I saw it, but if I remember right Seagal's role was pretty small? That's why I don't think it is his worst because he's hardly in it.
I don't recall his role being small in Against the Dark. Only movie I can remember his role being small is Executive Decision. However, I could be wrong so don't quote me on that.
Out of Reach is definately his worst, in the end you can see a man standing, with his face to you watching, he is walking of the stairs. Than he is attacked, and than it is Seagal.. You can SEE that it is not him, with his hole face. That's really bad..

Executive Decision indeed, he had a small role in that. I think his role in Clementine is the shortest of all. But when he isn't a lot in a movie that doesn't mean that the movie is bad though.


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"Out of Reach", "Submerged", and "Attack Force" are probably the worst, with respect to significant lack of contribution from Seagal resulting in the painfully evident stunt, physical, and voice doubles. I emphasise a distinction between stunt and physical doubles because, as mentioned earlier in this thread, he's just not even there in presence at times, let alone doing his fights.

Over time, I've learned more of the stories in production particularly concerning the latter two films, with respect to a conflict between the initial idea and execution of a project, and the final result which it seems Seagal just simply disassociated himself from. You could argue whether he could have perhaps done more to regain control of his projects, but it is what it is.


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I still have most of Seagal's movies in my DVD collection. I got most of the lower grade DTV movies on compilation box sets such as the below - perhaps something like this might be the answer if you're looking to complete your collection.


Disclaimer: I just came across this whilst browsing products online to illustrate my point. I don't have this particular item and am not endorsing it in any way.
I used to believe FLIGHT OF FURY was his worst film, but then he went and made SNIPER: SPECIAL OPS. I know he's only a support player in it, but he was highlighted as the star and that was hard to get over. (It wasn't so bad when it was done with AGAINST THE DARK because he was at least active in the that film. Not just sitting in a room.) Thank heavens he redeemed himself with ATTRITION.
I would say Flight of Fury is on the same level with Mercenary for Justice which I think is one of his better DTV's. There are much, much worse films like Attack Force, Shadow Man and Black Dawn.


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Black Dawn is also very bad. Seagal left the set after 18 days, because of troubles with the director...they still had 12 days to go....
There's so many of his DTV's where he left from the set before the shooting was complete. I wonder why they still paid him they should have replace him instead. Submerged for example would have been a very different movie without Seagal. Van Damme or Lundgren fighting aliens in sub.


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Yes Kill Switch, that was the one with the end scene that could have been made for a different movie. Also remember the dodgy cover for it with a photo shopped Seagal. :D
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