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Seagal's Worst...


I Belong To Steven
Well, I'd have to say ticker as well, because he was barely in it, and the movie was really rather boring...
He's not boring to me ever, but you would think there would have been more explosions and things with a name like ticker...
I really liked how he stayed so calm while walking the cop through bomb defusing process, though...
And I really liked Steven's lines as well...
Especially the one about love being eternal...:)


I Belong To Steven
I think I liked BOTB, a little bit better than OFAK and the Foreigner but I still really liked them, too...There are different reasons why I liked them, and they are totally different movies...Like the Foreigner it was his shooting I liked the best, Belly it was the spirituality and kung fu style, and of course the romance...
In OFAK I really liked "story" about the tattoos and really liked the swordfight a lot and he does some very powerful kicks too...:)
He's no different from any other actor. Clint Eastwood's had bad movies (Honkeytonk Man, Pink Cadillac) and so has Van Damme (Knock Off and Universal Soldier: The Return).

Steven's worst have gotta be Out for a Kill, or Ticker or The Foreigner.
Maybe the whole movie Executive Decision wasn't that good but Steven't part in it was the best of all the actors there(well,besides Kurt Russell of course).I'd say he even died with honor there.Like a real samurai.