Would you


Steve's Destiny

One can only change, if one wants to change.
I can only suggest, if he is willing to listen.:cool:

And...I think he knows what HAS to go.

babygirl;187933 said:
would you change Steven if you could if yes what would you change about him ?


I would change his reticence in coming on his fan based websites occasionally and acknowledging that we are here.
Love you SS.


I always think it is a bit pointless to try to make people change. I simply offer my own point of view, and people can take it or leave it.
It is up to them to change what they think needs to be changed.
In the meantime... I agree with what Halkush says, and I too accept him as he is - cuddly, wonderful, charismatic and sexy.

steven seagal's_girl

i love steven seagal
i wouldnt change nothing about him cuz when you love someone you love the good the bad the ugly the cute,the short the fat the tall the skinny all of it...i love him just the way he is...ssg


c/o naughty corner
The only effective way to change a person is to change them for a new person. :p
And we wouldn't swap Steve for anyone would we?


Sue;190185 said:
The only effective way to change a person is to change them for a new person. :p
And we wouldn't swap Steve for anyone would we?

Never! What's not to love about the guy anyway?


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! he may be an pain in the side some times like this vanishing act he has done he must be in hibernation...Oi !! theres enough of love to go around with Halkush..i spread an long way..


Depends on the situation and how much you love her.

If you love her enough, stay and adopt.
If she didnt want kids at all, that would be tough.


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I couldn't change anything about Steven....especially since he is so much taller than me...all he would have to do is put his hand against my head and hold me back while I attempt to swing at him (think like...little kids on a playgriund when one is taller than the other, lol) and after a good 20 minutes...he would say, "Are you done?"....and I would be so exhausted I would be all like...."Yes..."

LOL...no, I would never take a swing at Steven.....but I WOULD love to SCHWING with Steven......


me too i wouldnt change anything about steven ..well maybe one thing that he makes an real effort to keep up with his fans and dont stuff them around.. other then that nup he is one very big cool guy and that concert he is being involved with hope it rocks i would love to be there in the front row soaking up his good vibes..:p


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I would love to go period but I've had a summer cold that I haven't been able to shake yet since the beginning of August, and my honey hasn't worked much this summer.