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  • Hi Heater,thanks for your message,iam on facebook
    whit my name Lutgarde Bal, when you comes there i must
    acept you as a friend.
    When you are there let me now that.
    Lovely kisses and Big Hugs.XXX
    Lutje .
    Hi Heather,whit me is all good and my brother to the cancer is away,and he have now is life back,and he have a apartment and i go helping him whit painting,i now that you mis me here.
    But iam back ,not everyday.
    Lovely kisses and take care my friend.
    I am doing some "Fall" cleaning already and it is still summer!!LOL:D

    I do "Spring" cleaning and "Fall" cleaning every year!! This fall cleaning might take me all summer!!LOL. This heat is robbing me of all my engery!!
    Well, like I said, it isn't negative publicity if you trying to protect yourself and your family!!
    Thank you for the complement!!

    And the rest................................. I will let you keep him all to yourself!!LOL:D:D:D
    That happens to me to Heather.

    Finally got my house and yard in order. Left with one suitcase and came back with two. That ought to tell you something!!
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