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  • You are welcome Heather!! Have you been behaving while I was gone????????????

    Well I know the answer!!LOL:D:D:D
    Hi Heather,whit me and my famely is all good.
    The wheater is here in Belguim is warm,, we have 28c and tomorow gone be 32c ,,and thats very warm.
    I hope that all is good and fine to my friend.
    Kisses and Big hugs from me and
    Take Care.
    I saw you were on another site this morning i wasnt be rude or anything didnt feel much like talking i broke another toe this morning the one next to the big toe f*** it hurt poor little thing is twice its size but you cant some any thing about broken toes just let them heal like my little toe healed real good..hope you have an great time girl lets hope iam not any more accident prone when you are away..
    Thanks Heather I will!! It has been awhile since I have been on a plane!! But I am looking forward to see my girlfriend!!

    Doing last minute packing!! Be good!!LOl If you can?????????????????:D:D:D
    Nothing!! It's still early here only about 10 AM, so I still have the whole day ahead of me!! Went to the cemetary yesterday to put some flowers on the graves.

    Need to pack to get ready for my trip this week. I am leaving thursday evening and I will be gone for 2 weeks!! Seeing a girlfriend I haven't seen for a long time.

    Have a great week Heather!!;)
    Don't you remember Heather?????????:D:D:D

    You took my angel wings and I took your horns!!LOL We reversed roles!!:D:D:D
    I am an angel too Heather, but somehow I have lost my wings!!LOL:D

    I think somebody stole them!!LOL:D
    Heather you are my friend and have been for 5 years.Does that tell you something???????????;)

    Hi Heather,thanks my friend,whit me is all,and you my friend.
    I see you are good and fine my friend.
    Lovely Kisses and Hugs my friend.
    Hey Frosty,

    I could send you a ""Hot" one from Kansas!!LOL:D But by the time he would get there, he might be cold as a fish!!LOL:D:D:D

    Sorry I am not much help!!LOL:D

    "Hot Mama";)
    Hi Miss Frosty,

    How are you today? I see you have changed your picture!! Try to stay warm and I will try to stay cool!!LOL:D

    Hot Mama:D:D:D
    Just the opposite here Heather. I am sweating my tush off!!LOL It's about 95 in the shade.Hot!! I guess I will be ending up a Hot Mama!!LOL
    Have a great weekend!!
    Just great as always.

    I will send you some heat and humidity we are having here in Kansas. :D Summer got here before Spring did. It happens every year anymore.
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