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  • Hello my friend ,how are you,, i hope fine end good.
    Lovely kisses from me.
    My Christmas went well thank you, was lovely to be with my parents. How are you? xx
    I agree I don't know when he would have time to go to Australia.
    Hi, I don't know how to start a new thread but do you know what is up with that Australian "dry Beer" commerical. Is that really Steven?
    Went on holiday to see son and grandkids and ended up in a fast ambulance ride to hospital - a real severe lower respiratory tract infection put me in there for a week. Got back last week and relapsed so still ill and having to take heaps of pills and rest etc. Bugger of a thing to happen at planting time and the weather 32degC. None of Steven's DVDs avail there to watch for comfort either LOL!!! Oh well, had to give up smoking at some stage and son gave up too so in a smoke-free home.
    Hey, Heather - how's it going with you? I saw that you had deleted your story thread. You do know people here like reading your stories (even though they might not comment on it). I try to drop in as often as I can but lately, my time has been really tight. I read and then I have to go without posting any comments. I hope all is well with you - did you ever have that surgery? (it got postponed, didn't it?) Also, how's your job search going?
    Hi Heather,this Lutje here how are you my friend.
    I hope fine and good.
    Lovely Kisses and Big Hugs.
    I watched the latest Rambo and it was great,highlighting the injustice in Burma. How are things Oranguatang?
    I'm great! Thank you for asking, after today I have a week vacation, very excited to be a couch potato :p talk soon!~!!
    Hi Heather,i see that you are there,i acept you there.
    And i sent you a message there.
    I hope that i see you there,than we cant chat there to.
    Lovely kisses ,Big Hugs and take sensei.
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