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  • Hey girlfriend.

    I am back home. Just got here a little while ago. Did you miss me?????????????????????:D:D:D
    Thanks Heather. Little change of plans. I will be leaving this evening. Have fun and don't get in any trouble while I am gone!!LOL:D:D:D
    Hey Heather,

    Just letting you know I am going to be gone for a while!! Going to see my son.

    So don't miss me toooooooooooo much OK?:D:D:D

    Love ya;)
    the series is called 'TRUE JUSTICE' and his characters name is 'Dusson' the fact its going to be on tv stations all around the world is so promising..
    I did Heather. Thank you Heather!!;)

    Send you a couple more today, funny ones. I hope you like?:D:D:D
    Hello Heather,iam younger than my brother ,i gone be next week on thursday 54 years old,my brother gone be 68 in july,he do it good now for a momment,nex week the gone started his gemotherapie my friend ,and i now that i gone feeld his very sick.
    I hope thats the cancer go away for good,he must is gemo 8 weeks ,thats means two monds,and i pray for him thats the save him from that,so he have is normal life bacK.
    Lovely Kisses and big hugs from me my friend.
    Hi Heather. How are things? I am glad you enjoying the site again. Life is too short for falling out eh?
    Hey girlfriend,Another nasty day for me, weather wise. Oh well, someday Spring will get here. Hopefully before Summer. Have a good weekend Heather.;)
    Hi Hearter,
    My brother his real bad,he have life 5 a6 years not more my friend ,the dokter say that to me ,he most have his gemotherapie,and i say pleas do that,than i have my brother 5 a6 years by us,when he say i do that not ,than we cant him lost this year,but he lissen to me and he go do his therapie.
    I go helping him this 5 a6 years so that have a good life my friend.
    Iam realy tyret and i pray for him and for me to ,,to god,my buddhas and to the universium for gives me energie and power ,i cry now and i need that ,,,ENERGIE,,iam up now for this moment my friend ,,iam sorry for that
    Sorry that i come here not on the chat,this very hard for me
    lovely Kisses and very much Big Hugs from me.
    You too Heather.

    We had a real nice day yesterday. But during the night we had thunder and lightening and heavy rain. And it is still raining right now!! I am so sick and tired of this Kansas weather!!
    Not me Heather!! I would rather have summer then this bittercold winter in Kansas. And past winter was the coldest we had for many years. You would freeze our tush of!!LOL:D
    Boy I am ready for some nice days here. Cold and rainy every day. Yesterday afternoon it quit raining and the sun came out and it warmed up a little. But they forecast more rain in the next 3 days!! WOuld send you some if I could!!:D
    I Heather ,this now very hard for me up this moment my friend,my brother is in the hospital and my sister to ,the have cancer my friend ,the operation from my is sucses ,but my sister is ???? you what i mean,my brother must have not is therapie,this week i gone now when the start this,my sister have her gemotherapie and che is very sick and iam afray that my brother gone have that to,i hope that the cancer go away for ever and i pray for them,sorry that i cant come here ;but i gone make a litle time for you and Ann that we talk togeter my friend.
    Lovely Kisses and Big Hugs from me.
    Well I joined here in january of 2009. So about 51/2 years. Time sure flies when you are having fun!!:D

    Not here. It has been cold and raining all weekend and again this morning!! Spring used to be my favorite season, don't know what happened to it??:D
    Well, more rain today!! What that means..............more grass to mow. And cold!! I wish spring would bet here before summer does!!LOL:D
    It's nice you came back. I was defending myself against comments you said but let's move on from that yeah? Have a good day :)

    Working, doing some computer work for my daughter's and son-inlaw's pharmacy.

    I just wished this weather here would change for the better. Cold today and rain again.
    One day it is nice, the next day its cold. I think summer will get here before spring does.
    Have a good weekend!!;)
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