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  • Age is just an number Sue its whats on the inside that matters.. nothing surprises me with my family ..
    Just called by to check how old you are on here. :)
    I can't believe that you're a different age. Hehe how on earth did that happen? At least we still share our birthday.
    Iam good how are you?.. i have seen you on line but thought naw i will catch you soon girl.. hope to get into my garden this weekend heaps of those sour sobs lovely little flower they have and you can eat the bulb very sweet ..
    Hi O,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been on a long non-stop day that has lasted two weeks. I would be honored to be in your next story. Use me whenever you want that is what I live for.

    I am reading some stuff that says you had tests??? Please take care and I hope all is well. I should be back offically 9-5-08


    Been poked and prodded again and iam black and blue to prove ..my doctor is so careful and gentle when he takes my blood but i still bruise any way why should i give up my blood so easy..just had my 3 month diabetes check up..i feel pretty good ...see what the tests say..
    Iam always one to be taking the mickey out of you ..me i havent done anything thats the problem ..just having one of those days ..ok..
    I do tend to dip in and out of them yes, but not read one from begining to end, will add it to me to do list.x
    Hey Heather - I am also sooooo hooked on this site ! This is definitely addictive behaviour - I am soooo addicted to Steven Seagal, I wonder where I could go for treatment and will I ever find a cure - of course, when 'HE' finally ask me out ! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Theres an bit of 'wild' in us all girl and call me Heather ..orangatuang is only when iam bad..lol..me seen him ?..i wish girl..
    Hi ya Orangatuang - I see that you are the only one around at the moment ! Have you seen 'Big Guy' around ?? I have noticed that you 'feel' that you are 'Stevens Wild One' well I am 'Steve's Lucky Charm' BUT I could also be his 'wild one' you know, if I really want toooooooo........................
    Boy doesnt time fly in just an couple of days i have been here 5 years ..and i havent been banned once..well came close i think i must thank my guardian angel or devil in some cases ...cant believe i found out about this place through an little article in my local newspaper (fan clubs) and look now iam soooo hooked
    and all because an an fantastic guy by the name of Steven Seagal...i hope to be here for an while yet take each year as it comes ...
    Oh that's a bummer Heather. :( I hope the egg he sucks is a rotten one! :p
    Other then bloody freezing today iam good thanks ..ohh big time Sue you asked i tell you this mere male can go find an sharp object and stick it up his you know where ..and he called him self an friend what an load of horse manure..looks like i have wasted nearly 5 years he is from here an OLD member ..and i couldnt care less if it got back to him if he cant be honest about things he can go suck an egg..so does that answer your qustion girl can i come shopping one day with you?.. i will buy an rolling pin..
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