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  • Hey how are you doing Anneliese? The old place hasn't changed much huh? Great pic there!
    Hello Ann, that´s a long time i dont log in , but now a intent to make contact , see you soon
    Hello, Dear Ann! :) I'm glad to sign in here again! :) How're You? Anything new to tell?

    A little about Me - I work hard and continue study, very glad to do it and love the process of learning! Unfortunately, the last one week was very grey - bad weather without the sun, only the wind, fog, rain and the infinit clouds. Almost all the week I didn't want to work, to do smth, just wanted to sleep.

    So, it's all right now - sun, finally, woke up since yesterday and I'm glad about the good weather, hope, it won't be change!

    Besides, I continue to download the movies from the Internet, so, I'm not so often in here! Sorry if I responce You later, than it takes!

    With the best wishes and air kisses to You from Kirill! ;)
    Hi again, My darling older sister Ann! :) How're You doing? What the kind of the weather is in Your city now? We've got as grey, raining cold days, as sunny wonderful golden days, just like today! Still try to My best, as always, work hard above the studying disciplines, get marks and taking a pride about amazing time of the student's life! :)

    The time runs fast, only yesturday the end of the summer has been, but already today - the middle month of the fall! God, everything happens so quickly!

    Well, I still have got the problems with the army - There Me and a brother were warned, that we'll come to serve since December (I'm not sure, but maybe this's the final & exact date, when they will take us). There's one happy thing and the pleasant fact - we will serve in our town, in one of the military unions of Saratov city! :)

    Hope, we'll stay in touch with You, You'll be glad about everything, including nice weather and we'll stay the best friends always! ;)
    How are you Anneliese? Good to see you about! Still as pretty as ever eh? Don't hide it girl!
    Hello again, My dear friend Ann! :) I came back in here to tell a lot of the good news. As you know, I've begun a new decade in the Academy, and continue the course of My specialty "State & municipal management", already studied about 3 weeks. I was very glad to meet a lot of new friends, to begin learning the new disciplines and just want to say, that me and My brother so merry we study in the Academy! :)

    Well, I remember about You, Ann and don't forget, but My computer is always busy - or my brother work with it or my movies're downloaded from the torrents, so I visit Your wonderful and beautiful page not so often. Sorry for this and for the late response on your messages, Ann!

    What can I say You else? Maybe, just to wish everything the happiest and the best for You! I very hope that You're ok! :) Write Me, I will glad to hear the news from You, Dear Ann ;)
    Hi Ann,how are you my friend,,,i hope fine and good my friend.
    Whit me is all ok and very good.
    Lovely Kisses and Big Hugs from me.
    Heyyy girl! I hate it when it's humid, it's very humidly nasty here as well lol saw Machete tonight, you're going to love it!
    Hi Simpleman. Good name for a frog lol. Just kidding! Hi Anneliese. How are you today? Good to see you about. How are you Heather?
    Hi girl its raining cats and dogs here and blowing winds up to 100km an hour thank god i batten down the hatches last night cat hates thunder jumps up on one of the chairs under my dining table poor buggar.what is it like there?
    why thank you ma'am :p I have to much free time lately, i'm on vacation for 5 days (short but sweet). nice page yourself, hope you have a great weekend xoxox
    Hello, Ann! :)

    How're You doing? I hope, You're fine, as Me! So, I prepare for the Academy studying, which begins soon and I still think about the army - I want it or not, but I will go to serve in there, this's the legislation... I spent a couple of weeks in Volsk town near My city - I've seen My friends in there and spent very nice time of my vacations! Well, it's sad a little, that summer ends, but this's life.

    And how did You spent the last month of summer? Smth interesting happened? :) Anyway, I'm so glad to come back in here and to talk to You again! Be good, My friend!

    P.S. It's very wonderful photo in Your profile, I definitely like it!
    niether have i girl but believe me when i say its an great move forward for him...very good movie gives your heart an good kick start..
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