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  • ohh just great girl saw Stallones latest movie if you get an chance see it ..just blow me away so to speak and for an older buggar he still is hot..
    hahahah good looking, I don't think so not me :p life is really good, have been caught up in life, busy as hell, travelling a lot...

    what's new with you? hope all is well :D
    Acctually it wasn't, haha Im surprised, I sang alot to so I was sure that my throath was going to be soar.
    No i didnt storm but thats ok ... every time an breeze comes through my front door what an beautiful perfume through the all rights after this morning incident i should not be here off on my merry way to work and thought i would work to the office to get picked up there for an change i always be aware when crossing rodas any way as i stepped off to walk across some jerk gunned it around the corner nearly running me down i know taht Orangatuang's are rare but this Orangatuang nearly wasnt guy whem was behind the idiot that nearly ran me down took off after him but lost him mean while my heart is in my throat and my life flashed before my eyes an couple of people on the foot path assisted me.. i just wish i could wipe this whole f****** year far ...
    Did you find out who the flowers were from Heather? Great to see you again Anneliese. How are things in very hot..flat..Kansas. Wish it was like that here it's all hills!
    are your ears burning girl?.. nooo good ... go see the latest pics of the big guy its in forum under hasting races the third pic if i feel like straying an pic liek taht keeps me here so handsom even though he doesnt like hearing that bad luck because he will always rock my boat no matter how slow ...( :
    Like i said some one loves me.. gee all up thats one!!! iam in an **** stirring mood today girl look out..( :
    Hi girl when i got back from school today not home long and i got this knock at the door it was an lovely bunch of flowers ..awwwww some one loves me.. didnt say whom it was from... ( :
    hahaha yes, I screamed and sang so much! :D
    oh well your weather sounds pretty much like the weather we got here in Sweden at the moment.
    thats what i say girl iam an lovin kind of girl.. whats that saying 'make love -not war' shame idiots in this world dont listen..
    No problem you were never"that"person and it was an injustice,one that is put right. Love ya my friend too and big ((hugs))
    Me too( : oh you mean get some rain ( : lol any who i heard from Joe late yesterday just things in general really and i told him that from now on i have to keep off fatty things and i had to bite my tongue real hard as i nearly said well then Stevens out of the question then..not that would have got back may have had my bottom smacked and you know the thing with that is i would have LOVED IT!!!
    I hear Arizona had some rain some one we know told me ..i got an little soggy this morning myself ..
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