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  • i agree totally..iam buggared girl done with putting that cabinet in now to put other stuff in there again may toss alot of things i dont need catch you tommorrow ..
    thanks for the birthday message, had a pretty decent day, went to a rockies game with my cousin and had fun. splugered myself with a rockies coat.

    Love Always

    Red Rose
    you are priceless here girl.. and have made such an big mark here too as for the 'big present' shame girl i only offer him
    Happy Birthday girl...may be abit late sorry about that not good enough no one wished you one here..but i will start an thread..lovely lady..xx
    Hey girl! :D Im on top of the world becuase I saw my favorite band KISS last month! I have been a huuge fan now for 2 years :D

    How are you? :)
    and great body to go with it.. not in long tonight have an couple of my school friends around and we are going to be doing what girls do ...gossip!!
    Blimey cant remember when i went on holiday last .. but maybe after my op i shall think about it maybe in the september holidays from school.. maybe an horse thing again..
    Glad to hear you're fine.

    Let's hope you're not transported from Kansas to Oz like Dorothy.
    good morning..not in an good mood had so much planned for this sunday now thats shot to hell..boring bloody sunday..
    you too girl... an friends son whom watched for the first time one of Stevens movies and called him the 'marsh mellow man ' cause of his size lol ..oh got weighed myself the other day and i have lost another 9 kilos ..10 more to go and i will be at what i what i want to be ..and riding my bike and that will tone up wont know myself..
    Yes, I remember reading her referenced as his wife (Arissa). I just hope he as found his soul mate so that he can stop searching. It must put a big strain on the relationships with his other children. I read recently and Justice "Kentaro" doesn't speak to his father. That's sad. Especially since there are grandchildren invlolved in the mix. You just cannot get those moments back.
    Orangatuang is NOT happy got an phone call today my surgery has been put off till at least early August so one is stuffed wether there an public patient or private like me i paid good hard earned money to get this **** done and its been put off till August ..what an load of bullocks.. oh well whats an couple more weeks eating what i have to eat isnt so bad really ..just the pain me the willies..
    Oh! It was really hot and we had to cut our camping trip short and go back to the cabin. I think we both had heat exhaustion. We spent the rest of the time hiking up throught the side streams up in the canyon to keep cool. The wheather here is just aweful. The humidity is so heavy that it's hard to breath. My vegetables are scortch a little bit. I cannot wait to go and jump in the pool today after work. I don't even feel like cooking at night even though we have central air. Hope everything is well with you.

    Have you heard anything about this sexual lawsuit yet? Is Elle pregnant again?
    got back not long ago from all the pre-admin stuff all is good for the op so full steam ahead the only thing that sucks is that from 7am i cant have any tucker or drink boy am i going to be one hungry and thirsty monkey when the op is done ...
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