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  • What me mis-behave you must have me confused with my evil twin.. of course i have been good its others whom think i havent..( :
    Thanks for that lovely greeting girl..good to see i mean something to some.. still waiting on word from you know who?.. any thanks Anneliese
    So missed you girl.. your back and i shall be not here in an few days my surgery is booked for the 20 this month but after shall be under strick orders to take it easy ..and for once i will ..
    Hi, Ann! :) How I glad to write You and to say that I'll go in the army only in the December!.. Everything has been so:

    The 5th of July I with brother came in military commissariat, we spent a whole day after the medical commission in there and they said to us in 8 p.m. that our commands didn't come, so they couldn't take us... or we might wait for a long time till now! :) They left us and we came back in the home!

    Well, it means that I've got almost 6 monthes of making real my plans, that I may relax and, finally, to start My studying in the University in the September! :)

    Now I'm so happy and spend a great summertime! :) I very hope that You've got such miracles and pleasant events like I have! :)
    Dear Ann, how lovely kids they are! Pure they tomorrow will enter the Russian Army which is not a whipped cream. Hard life! But they are very sweet.
    lol 2 U
    Hello again, My Dear friend Ann! :)

    Well, I'm in here again and, Ann, there're a lot of the news to tell You - I prepare to the army serving (it's in a fact, will start tomorrow), we with my brother gave our documents in the University (Academy) to continue our higher education. And, finally, we prepare ourselves for the new page in our lifes...

    And, using the possibility, I wanna send to You My congratulations with this important and very bright day - the day of American Independence! I want to wish You happiness, health and, as always, everything the best! :) And also I wish You wonderful and exciting trip to Your friend! :)

    Hope, we'll connect with You soon.. :)

    P.S. I've added a couple of new photos in My profile - there're a few of funny pics among of them! :)
    Thank You, Ann! I wish You good luck and happy trip! Be good too, hope, I'll write You else.. :)
    With friends like you here Anneliese i know all will go well ...iam having an good day today that injection in the tookuss did the job..be safe girl and catch ya when you get back..
    no worries girl two weeks huh i may be in hospital about then as some one cancelled and there is an strong possibilty i shall be in hospital sooner.. it cant come soon enough was feeling quiet crook yesterday...and this morning wasnt any picnic..curled up in bed an doctor came out to give my an jab to ease the pain right in the tookuss (butt)
    Yes girl ...i feel the same about you..iam sure as hell iam not the only one here with out an dark past but thats just it the past..i have been an good girl for over 16 years ..
    Hi, Ann! :) I'm very glad to visit Your wonderful page again! I haven't been on the site, cause I learnt the material - lectures on the exams disciplines. There're 5 subjects, that I have to get the day after tomorrow, and for a week - the 2nd stage of the final exams - I'll get it 23rd. And, finally, in the start of July 'll go in the army. Really don't wanna do that!

    Hope, You're still got the best mood and a lot of the things for the happiness! :)

    Yeah, I cleaned the older messages list, - I forget to do it always! ;) Everything the best in Your way, My Dear, one and only Ann! :)
    Hi girl how do you feel being friends with an chick hows been in jail? i was made an scape goat if you like and when i was in jail i nearly did lose my life and still have nightmares today 16 years later i have been good havent had so much as an speeding fine..been an very good person if some one says to you jail does change an person it sure does some for the better and some for the worse me for the better..wonder what the big guy would think of one of his girls he being an crim seen he is the law ..you know if he cant see past that well then ..his problem like he has done no wrong ..
    Hi Ann ,thank you so much , iam fine,and you my friend.
    Lovely kisses and ((HUGS)) to from me.
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