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  • Now that is really laughable... I've seen your photo and you make a pretty strange male, Heather. There is a difference between being ballsy and having balls if no one told you. And that had nothing to do with my secret@
    What the??? well i will be ..wonder what else you will uncover ..keep digging girl..now how long have i been coming here be 6 years this year i think??? any how i heard that an member here thought i was an MALE umm last time i looked i was all WOMAN...plus Heather is an girls name as far as i know? i do have balls some times when i speak my mind but thats as far as it goes .its just laughable and she shouldnt scare Steven like that just when he was getting to know all his FEMALES here ..its been raining cats and dogs since this morning i got caught in it coming home from work as i caught the bus as my car was being stubborn or so i thought some one when she came home last night from an friends place forgot to turn her parkers(lights) on her car off didnt she and you can guess what happened .yep flat battery....silly sausage Heather..
    gooood girl - no answer to the secret yet! but just discovered my x was related to ole Elvis......
    In a bitchin mood - digging out the old relations from the family tree and hot on the trail of a big secret!
    iam having problemsw ith my e-mail service lutje and until that is sorted out and when we shall have to talk here..
    Hi heather,thank you for sent me a message in my post.
    Heather kant sent me your emeal, if you want.
    Than i kant sent you one emeal.let me now and sent that in my post here.
    yet another joke from my niece some may have to think about this one but is quiet funny..

    what starts with an 'E' and ends with an 'E' and has letters in between?

    an envelope..she is getting to smart this one..
    Yes we have been friends too long for anything to stuff that up life is to short..one day you are here and then one day poof your gone..
    Dont ask?... i know i should be happily riding along by now but thanks to two stupid females having an cat fight it stuffed up everything for the rest of us last night two of the girls decided to go at it i mean full on bitch fight that bad the cops had to be called in ..and yes it was all over an male..dont figger huh?..not happy!!!
    any way the place we were staying at said we had to leave we got our money back but thats not the point not fair on the horses either ..my firend Jean and Karen and i are just going on an one day ride through an forrest down our way on saturday its so peaceful when you go through there you seem to forget about your troubles and these big butterflies come land on you and the horses such fun..as for these other two chicks ..what two chicks we have kicked them to the kerb...wont stuff up our plans again..
    Iam so looking forward to it girl...have an few loose ends to tie up before i leave on monday morning my next door nieghbour is looking after my cat and bringing in my mail and other stuff..so thats all taken care of.. now just to pack an few steven 'free' days ...
    Hi heather have a nice trip to same whit your horse
    horses need that to,and the holidays i like that to ,and i hope that in juli ,we have good wheater ,then i go to holidays for three weeks ,up to france Bordaux.
    Lovely xxx from me.
    As of next monday iam going on my horse trip finally!!! wont be back till that weekend some time just only an three day ride but better then nothing the rest of the time we are going on an bus tour for an day ...be buggared enough when i get back look forward to an holiday..just kidding ...this trip has come at an good time..but thats next week iam going until then i shall be around..
    Hi Heather,iam fine and good.
    and you i hope that is very good whit you,and thank you
    my friend for sent a message in my post here.
    Hell yeah..saw my doctor again today to get my liver results you some times i wish i didnt find out that i had diabetes i was alot happier and all that he says i have fat on my liver and i have been trying so hard to stick on the straight and narrow just have to try harder i guess.. life sucks!!!
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