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  • So far so good girl i tried an clove remedy and it seems to have worked..that will teach me to munch down on some nuts lost an filling that is what started the ball rolling ..but am looking around for an dentist whom is NOT an butcher...did any one see the 'TV LOGIE ADWARDS' ?? i did great to see new winners not the same ones all the time.
    How is your toothache Heather? I think Myst is right.

    Probably need to get antibiotics first before a dentist can work on your tooth.
    Thanks Myst.. i will follow that link later ..and yes another dentist will have to be if it comes to that ..
    If it hurts that bad you must have an infection - sorry, but you know what the real solution is and I suggest you try another dentist.
    Has any one got any remedies other then an hammer to help with tooth aches..i have one from hell tried other things ..no luck and an experience i had with an dentist not long ago what an stuff up he did..he was drilling my tooth to put another filling in and the drill slipped and yes dug into my cheek..not fun that was..so iam sure some one may know of some thing hopefully..
    Oh Heather, that message is terrible - please don't buy into twisted facts and half truths. I would never dream of publicly airing a complaint against another member here in such a manner and you have known Ann longer than any of us. This is so sad and cruel for Ann.
    Hi Heather,iam a litle mad on Ann,and you dont no why
    Ann comes on the yahoochat, and she say to me that iam a stupid women and i must back to school for leurn your langauge,
    and that the other friend dont talk with enymore whit me,and i have friends the see that,the are visit me when che whas on the yahoo chat ,and i dont lie ,this is not bauthiful from her.
    Whe are friends here ,and that is very paeneful for me.
    I sit 4years on my computer, and befor i have never a computer
    i learn the computer self and i dit go not to shool.
    And i have information from friends whati must to do.
    And i hope that the help me ,when i type words wrong in your langauge,you never to old for luern by.
    And i hope that your are be my friend and help me by that
    and what Ann do to me is not nice and bauthiful.
    Lovely xxx kisses and Take Care my friend.
    The sad thing is Ann can't escape her here or elsewhere.And just politely not answering or saying you have other things to do, or 'the subject is closed" has no meaning for her. She just keeps on badgering everyone. Thank goodness she finally left me alone....still, sorry for Ann.
    yes what happens if she cant swim? guess she would soon learn how.. iam jsut being an meanie smack on my paw..
    Heather I think I need a hammer.....................:D to pound some sense into somebody's head!!:D:D
    thats ok Anneliese i did find some ..yes iam sure if people cared to look up my info myst they would see whom iam ..so annoying really...
    Sorry to hear that Heather!! The only thing I got is Tylenol extra strength, would that help? Hope you feel better soon!!:)
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