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  • Sure Anneliese the easter bunny made you do it..it tells me another story..lol ..iam as full as an gog right now Myst but i shall thanks and your welcome Lutje ..
    Hey Heather,

    "Happy Easter" to you too!!:)

    Where are your Easter eggs??????????????? I ate them all.....................:D Sorry, I couldn't help myself!!:D Well, the "Easter bunny" made me do it!!:D:D
    love letting my fingers do the walking and talking..any way my niece had another joke for me ..

    Q. Why cant you play cards in the jumgle?

    A. Because there are too many cheetahs.

    is she cute or what?..
    ohhh iam being good at what goes in my mouth girl it was just plain H2O that day..i like my new keyboard alot smaller but then again size doesnt matter in this case..wink wink say no more.
    (snicker, snicker) I have a friend that puts his in the dishwasher about three times a year - it always works when he lets it dry out - must be the sugars in whatever you were sipping that made it sticky and sick.....
    Oh you cant get rid of me that easy... i had an little accident with my key board it didnt take to kindly getting wet ..now iam breaking in my new one have learnt my lesson keep any beverages away from key board..
    I think with the change in the time we might stand more chance of catching each other here. :)
    Ah, cool and rainy - we have weather in common. Supposed to turn very cold tonight and the rain is going to move off for a few days...at least it is not snow!
    Its cold here today and trying to rain its what Adelaide needs like other parts of Australia are really copping it..been in the cooking mood again and made up an Beef Casserole with dumplings put it away in containers of course left an little out for tea tonight not that iam really hungry been that way since my uncle died ..but i must eat some thing
    I shall do that Myst iam seeing her next tuesday and she can pass it on to her school friends..
    Of course you can, that'd be cool. By the way, Kill Switch is being released on DVD in Australia 03 June.
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