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  • I don't have the whip Heather, you must have left it with the butler after the party. :D
    You'll have more time to find it now the trip has been postponed.
    Firstly i feel like an real fanny when i do go on my horse ride hopefully after easter i shall just go and not say an word do an poof job.. to make an long story short one of my friends dad last night mind you and i find out at last fell off an ladder triggering an heart attack ANY WAY fast foward he is recovering in hospital silly old fart shouldnt be up an ladder at his age 70 years old silly old fart any way hopefully after easter we are off as my friends dad is having an couple of his mates stay with him.. plus we are not going with out our friend plus she has the horses..and i aint going by shanks pony ..its all good sh.it happens ..
    An riding i will go, an riding i will go, hi ho the fairio the riding i will go..an sore ass i will get, an sore ass i will get, hi ho the fairio an sore ass i will get...but hey its all good..
    Hey thats ok girl.. just so you know in an couple of days i wont be here as iam going for an horse ride again at an place called the flinders ranges..iam not going to be here as from thursday my time..not that any one will miss me..but thanks for the chat lutje..and as for my classes iam that far ahead of every one else i can take time off..
    Hi heather ,thank that you coming to the chat this evening
    this whas not so long that we kant talk ,but this whas very lovely and very bautiful from you that you talk whit me.
    Thank you my friend you are a very nice boy and friend for me.thank you my friend. XXX
    Pretty good health wise girl.. but tired iam starting to put the finishing touches to my story .. lucky you been travelling alot..
    Hi there girl,
    How's my lovely friend? Have missed the site due to wide, extensive travel and lots of family upheavals.

    am happy to be isolated from family here in Hong kong, can bury myself with movies, books , music and do my own thing, have a cleaning lady that does the ironing, a husband that does all the paper work, the only place a can truly rest and regenerate.

    though I love Australia, , especially the fantastc environment in Perth, close to the Indian ocean, i got worn out, my wayward daughter brought her entir family to perth over Christmas including the nanny, so i was on my feet, I love my grandchildren and hovering over them but didn't enjoy my daughter's antics with her husband.

    After they left i ravellin for 2 months to Melbourne and was there for the fires, heartbreaking, my mother refuses to go into a nursing home at aged 89 and needs monitoring.
    Hope you stay well,lovely, hopeful and funny.Halyna
    other then abit tired really good thanks thought i was having an early night last night until i had an couple of visitors ..soon put an stop to that didn t they didnt get to bed until 1 am this morning and up again by 6am..
    me too Sue.. i want to sleep had an shocker last night dam night mares and and the big guy was in it again maybe he is sending me messages for me to be nicer to him in my stories or else ?...or else what?..
    boy i feel like an pin cushion being poked and prodded went to my diabetes educator this morning and he is proud as punch with my readings for my sugar and that then i went to my normal doctor and he was just as happy so i must be doing some thing right.. have to go get my flu jab in an week or so
    so i was worried about nothing silly sausage me because as i have gone off the rails eating things i shouldnt like when my car got broken into and Xena being ill but she is well and healed now and all is good.. my doctor even said i can have an treat this weekend iam so looking forward to an nice cream bun. with real cream none of this fake stuff (mock cream) and my weight i have lost 4 kilos ( i know people still think pounds but work it out) in two weeks ..pretty good !!!.. iam looking at another 15 and i will be happy and i WILL get there ...
    Hi Myst as fara s i know i think they are still fighting the fires i dont think there all out ..one day we will catch up lutje is hard with the silly time zones ..
    Heather, I have been recovering from surgery and not able to stay on site for very long. I do not feel much like posting, just reading what has been going on. I am glad Xena is doing well again and you are taking good care of her. I hope all the fires are out now, and my cousin who lives in Victoria tells me the damage was close to him and his son's homes yet they are all safe and secure now. If they catch any others who may have started the fires I hope they prosecute them to the fullest extent for murder!
    Hi heather.
    This me Lutje when come you on the chat ,then we kant to eachother, i now that my time is not to same ,,and i hoop that you see me ,that we kant talk togeter.
    Lovely xxx and take care.
    Was going good until i got home from my fishing time and with 4 nice size salmon as my friend and her brothers were coming up my drive way pete said did you leave your drivers side door open i said nooooo well it is now sh.it i said some one has been in my little car sure enough and in broad daylight thats not on.. they had taken my car stereo which an freind gave me not long ago and other little things that meant alot to me and even took my two steven(music) cd's but thank fully there i do have my originals in an safe place..still wasnt an nice experience and they slashed up my back seat ...the police said they couldnt find any finger prints so this scum suckker or suckers get away with it i said to my friend pity i cant put an little buzzer on my car so when some jerk comes along and thinks they can touch my car wont they be in for an shocking time..
    Morning hun!....My world is very dull at the moment, busy with the day today things in life! Work and bills, lol!
    How is your world? xx
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