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  • some one in my arts class said that all the female fans on this site are only interested in steven because he has money but dont worry girls i told HER were to go in typical ORANGATUANG style.. i couldnt care less if he was the richest man on earth being an person that has never had any i dont miss it and there are so many other things i love about steven any way like his charity work.. his music .. his movies.. and just him in general...iam grateful to him for letting me put him in my stories and he is just so cool.. so that little pain in the ass got told how dare she .even the teacher told her to shut up ...but then she is an female that complains about anything and everything iam so gald she wont be there in an few weeks she is leaving hell i will even give her an shove off push..
    sweet heart iam so glad your back i so hope that you will be here more ..iam so happy that your diabetes is under control girl..iam going to see some very hot men in an couple of weeks with an couple of the girls fro school going to see 'MAN POWER' ohh yeah iam warming up already..
    Hi Heather,
    Have a lot to catch up on, hope you are well, but the last 3 months have taken their toll on me have been in melbourne with a sick mother in the heatwave.they are expecting another heatwave of 40 degrees tomorrow again, I hope the fires don't come near the townships again. too much of a human toll. it has been so sad. I was driving on the road from mum's house to my sister's house on the day the fires started, it was 48 degrees, burning. missed you you do tickle me!
    Have you been well my friend?
    My diabetes is under control due to exercise and tablets, Diabetes 2, but now i suspect i have heart disease and high blood pressure.
    When it rains it pours these days, keep up the good humour girl.
    Your welcome i love all animals ..i would like to thank you and your other half for your friendship..
    Ohh what i need is an great big hug...iam going out for tea tonight not that iam real hungry being feeling green around the gills but i will have an southern comfort or two ..
    Hi I hope the hot water bottle is doing the trick.
    I like brandy to sort it out too! hic! :p

    Thank you I always liked when having a profile to keep it dazzled a little bit. I find Bamboo to be a perfect set of colors for this site so I went with that.
    Your username is also my moms favorite animal. So your easy to remember lol. Thank you for the comment I always love reciving them ^^. Have a great day/night!
    Hi heather. i whis you a very very
    HAPPY VALENTINE my friend,you have three xxx from me.
    Take Care.
    Hi heater,is that your new fotoshoot you look great ,you like more up my favorite actor Steven Seagal.
    I hope that you talk not to you your self enymore,, like you do that in to the chat and i hope you want to talk to me.
    iam not a bad women ,iam a fine women iam 6 years older than you, maby you kant luern from me???? LOL.
    You must now ik like from fun and you must now that,ask Sue,Ann and Mist that the now how iam,, and i hope you are fine my friend.
    Take care and sensei my friend.
    I like Half Past Dead, I was watching one last night but got too sleepy and had to go to bed before the end. Ah I know he wins and squishes all the bad guys so I could sleep with a content smile on my face. :)
    Hi Sue iam going to be watching one of his movies tonight
    'half past dead' on the TV tonight ..isnt that exciting.
    Just stopping by to see ya while I'm here. Almost time to go and I haven't caught up on hardly anything.
    ohh i could go to sleep soooo easy but cant have an couple of school friend coming around for tea tonight..they are bringing the sweets (lovely fresh fruit salad) and iam cooking roast lamb with all the trimmings ..
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