My Daddy Passed Away

I fond out My Daddy passed away around 4

I found out that my Daddy passed away about 4AM this morning, Ironically at the Same Time as when I started to write a pome. Now that I know why I started it, I finished it an hour after I found out about his passing. Now I know Why I needed to write it...

I Love You Daddy

Farewell my friend until dawns light
ends the night....
May your Slumber be as peaceful,
as natures beauty within ones sight.

Like a Rose upon it's bush,
or a Lilly upon a ponds shoreline edge;
Resting in the suns rays
of the warmth that it does pledge.

Just as you taught me to be at one with Nature
I pray that you are now
Resting in ADONAI's Arms of Love!

Until I see your face in Heaven,
once again;
I'll keep you in my Heart,
Forever as my Best Friend!
I Love You Daddy!

Written By: Stacey Denise Cox :yin:


Hard To Kill
Stacey, sorry to read of your father's passing. You have paid a sincere and heartfelt tribute to him and I'd like to thank you for sharing it. My thoughts are with you and all those whose lives were touched by your dad. I lost my dad when I was 20 (23 years I feel REALLY old!) and my stepdad died just over a year ago. It's never easy but always remember the good times you shared...that will always keep him alive in your heart.
Thank You Sean!

Thank you Sean! I will and I really do carry a part of him with me, in my heart. He is the one who taught me to love and appreciate nature & wildlife, that fosters my relationship with my GOD ADONAI! The LORD always comforts and encourages with lessons from nature. I think that was the best gift my Daddy ever gave me, because being at one with nature and the LORD encouraging me/teaching me lessons from nature, has helped me through many hard times in life and still does to this very day. So Even when my Daddy (part Chactaw), was not with me, he was with me through what he imparted to me.

Love Stacey :yin:


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I am sorry for you and for your family.. my all prays with your daddy.
May him rest in peace and God rest his soul..

Donald Lee Wilkey

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my stepfather visits me in my dreams. I hope your father visits you in yours too !
;) God bless your time of contemplation and good memories of your father
Thank you!

Thank you Don! Greatly appreciated. One day, I will see my Daddy, again. I certainly will remember all the good things he did impart unto me! Love Stacey :yin:


Yes Stacy iam sorry to, i now what this is for you my friend ,i lost my father in 1997 and my Mother in 2005 and my sister to in 2005 and the mother from my husband olso to in 2005 and i mist them very much my friend ,and i now how you feeld now when you lost someone that you love and that is your father.
I pray for you whit all my haert my friend.


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I know what it feels like dear CountryEagle my Mother passed a way in 28-10-2009,You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

Take good care of youre self my dear friend.


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If you see my late message, I'm sorry for your loss. As much as it seems impossible or hard to bear, the truth is that nothing lasts in this life. All you can keep are the memories, and try to be strong going on with your life.


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Dear Stacey I think you,your sadness,but your Daddy will always be near you.My parents,from paradise,are always there to me.