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  • So you are away for a few days, what shall we write on your page while your back is turned? :D
    Only nice things! Hope you are having a good time and recharging batteries.
    Hi Ann my friend thank you and i hope see you soon my friend .
    Kisses from me xxx.
    Thank you Ann ,for sent a message in my post.
    Dear Ann i hope that you come to the other chat
    that we kant chat whit eachother ,and i hope that you that want i mis you my friend.
    Hi Ann,
    Thats ok let me know when you have don't work to hard take it easy and slow ok love yah and good bless you!!!
    Hi Ann iam fine now,and take you sent a message in my post,and i hope that we kant talk whit eachoter this whas a very long time my friend.
    hey girl its been snowing and rainy i cant wait til spring...anyways just wanted to say hi and its great to hear from you to...love ya..Andrea(ssg)
    Hi Ann how are you my friend,when you talk whit me againe,this a very long time.
    Hi Anneliese,
    How are you now?For skype i neat youre skype name if you have.my is the same as on this site.

    Take care Christina.
    then what did I say???
    if didn't say hello when come into the site,what did to say??
    just letting you know iam going away on an horse trip as of thursday my time ..will tell you all baout it iam sure.
    hi ann. Thank u for you comment about my pictures. I'm sorry I didn't writte before. I'm just getting into know how to use this site. I haven't had any time to get to it cuz I'm busy with work and aikido training. Thanks for ur comment and I'm gonna try to log in more often
    I was killing time before a trip to the airport - visitors have departed... guess we all are going to live!
    Now it is good evening. My laptop switched itself off and so I crashed out of here earlier, I've just decided to pop back in before I fall asleep. :)
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