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  • I'm getting there - it is the other complications in my life that are slowing me down. Ann, I have about 10 new rainbow photos to post - I'll try to get them here over the next few days.... some real beauties....
    Hi Anneliese
    Just stopping in to say hi, can't stay and chat as I am off to the barn.
    Hope you are well & that the weather is improving in your part of the world. After all, it is almost SPRING!!!
    Hi Ann, just pausing here for a moment before I log off and get on with the chores.
    Hope you are well.
    Hi Ann.
    I come back soon when iam ok ,iam very sick i have ignitionsenew nerve in my back and i must stay in my bed and i must take pils and morfine for the paene ,this is not good and i hope that iam back kant sit ,so sorry that you nand my friends see me not for a moment i hope that i see my friends see me back soon i must rest now;
    Take care and say hello to my freinds here from me ,like Myst,Seu ,Martin mc and heather.
    Take care and give them three kisses from me.
    Hi - see you are looking around - been too occupied with my outside of here life to do more that peek in now and again... Healing is going well - other problems abound....so I have my hands full at he moment - thanks for checking up on me.
    hey girl,i have been busy to but i havent forgotten you too..i have been good...how have you been...the wearther is awsome..helping my dad pack and move so its alot of work....well chat with you later love ya...take care friend..Andrea(ssg)
    Sorry I missed you in the chat Ann, I had to go and do chores. Perhaps you will be back later, I'm trying to stay logged in while I do other things.

    Hope all is well with you.
    HI- I did survive the holidays-my sister's son was recently burned during a house fire and we've be very concerned about him -they live down in Georgia, he is actually doing better then expected.
    So far week is good but food consumption I think I am up to about Thursdays!
    Must be catching up from hardly eating last week. :)
    I hope all is well with you and the weather is nice, spring day here and window open. :)
    Hello Ann,

    I'm glad I joined. I've met many friends already. I do web development so I try to make my sites look as neat as I can. Thanks for the greating and happy that you accepted. ^^ I'm a bit if a night owl but for a head start for tomorrow have a GREAT day ^^.

    I keep dropping on and off here for five minutes at a time - still very tired and can't sleep more that a couple of hours at a time... but otherwise I feel well.
    Hi there well i was born in Lubeck and than i went to NL so i still can speak in German and read it to.And i see you to hihihi
    We're doing fine, I have been staying busy lately. Not much time for Steven. I've been doing facebook with a lot of my friends. I noticed Steven has a facebook site. I haven't joined it yet.
    Hi Ann ,i whis you Happy Valentine,me and my husband we are today 24 years to same and we celebrate that very good and i hope you celebrate that olso to my friend.
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