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  • Sorry, only stopped by to check my mail - nearly 8 inches of snow and freezing rain today - not traveling weather. Am dealing with respiratory issues and a deep breath free and clear would be nice.
    There, I moved it over.....
    Today was our 16th anniversary. This is absolutely my favorite time for celebration and Valentines my favorite holiday. His birthday is Jan 18 and 27 is anniversary then Valentines is 14th. So we celebrate from mid-January to mid-February. Also, February means spring is just around the corner!
    hey girlfriend,i missed you....guess what steven is coming to lebanon where i live he lives not to far from the county where i live omg he is coming to lebanon if i see him i will let you know and tell him you said hi...how are you girly...i am good...you are a great friend...pm me you addy so ican send you a card or a letter...i will send you mine..love ya bunches..Andrea
    Hi Ann
    I see that you are preparing for Valentine's Day already !! All for Steven ! hmmmmm !! I better get my act together and fast !!
    Hi dear friend Ann.
    Today is this avery speacal day ,we think on the three famely's ,the two famely's the lost the baby
    and the son the lost his mother.
    I whritten somting on the chat for this famely's
    and i ask all my friends here ,for the whant one minnet silent for the famely's here in dendermonde belguim,i do that for all the famelys to in amerika and all the world to and i pray for them to,i have children to ,and i now this is very peanfull when you lost someone.
    Pleas whant you do that me and this famely the cone thank you for that.
    And i hope you give the message to the other friends here to.
    Take Care my friend.
    Hi Ann - just poppin' by to say 'hi' ! and to let you know that i am back !! This site is really good for me, steven would be good for me....................... I know, I know, behave yourself coleen xx
    Yeah, born in Finland. Why are you in the States? Living there for good or just for now? I do have super cool shades, but I rarely use them :D
    Hello Anne.
    First i gone say to you ,Mama San is back and this is great.
    Ann how are you this a very long time that you talk whit me and i hope you are fine.
    Take care and sensei my friend.
    hi aneliese and tanku i have been busy lately..do you have news about Steven? i heard that make another movie in Romania..is this true?
    Same here - only Friday we are looking at a warm 39 with a major drop to about 16 by Monday... SIGH! Soon the longest month of the year will be here. It is only four weeks long, but hour by hour and day by day February is still the longest month of the year no matter what they say - cold and dreary winter in your face day after day....

    Chocolate cake with chocolate curls on top. Mmmmmmm!
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