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  • Hi Anneliese, I'm good, the weather is up and down here. one day its cold the next day its hot but I can't complain compared to what you are having.

    sorry I did not answer you right away. I did you see the message.

    Stay warm and take care!!
    it is a dreary 27 right now - about 3pm Sunday and supposed to be snowing, but not. Plumbing unfroze and working fine.

    I wonder if the regular forum will let you post those jokes... not that I think you should for we have managed to keep the groups our playground and be a little beyond censoring.
    You just passed your anniversary on this site as well. Michelle's was Dec 31. Four years - nice record. Glad you are part of our group as well.....
    Well, we have reached the predicted +11 degrees. I have one frozen pipe that usually manages to do that when the temps hit single digits. of course the -11 overnight encouraged it to seize up - I've tried everything to prevent it with no good results. Just have to wait it out and suffer the inconvenience. Highest prediction in the next week is a 29 on Thurs. Right now that does look WARM!
    Hi Anneliese you are freezing and the weather down here is quiet warm want to swap for an couple of days ..
    Hi my very best friend Ann.
    How are you this is a long time i heart from you.
    Take care.
    We are in the middle of the Arctic freeze here too. It's warmed up to a balmy 11 this evening and tomorrow will be a chilly 9 with Saturday a balmy 18. The projected temps for next week slowly work their way up to 28. Almost a heat wave :rolleyes: don't you think? The wind chills are brutal and the first report of some jerk leaving his dog out overnight and killing it have hit the press. Poor beast. I don't think we will see 40 degree weather for a month or so. Meanwhile I have blisters from the cold air. Should not stay out so long. So it is out with the afghans and snuggle up to keep warm. Oh and be sure and open the cupboards under the sink to keep the pipes from freezing. Stay warm and cozy...
    We had -40 weather for the 3 weeks before and a few days after my family came home. So I have been hibernating. Today it is +50 and very windy. The +50 is nice but the wind is scary.
    I hope your holidays were nice.
    Anne how are you? you have met Steven? I have been in the U.S.A in 1998 NJ I would have liked to see him .. but i could not see ..steven was in Romania and again .. not met ,i live with the hope that in a day i will meet at the concert. hope you understant my message kiss you
    filling in the title line with a color made a big difference - the background image does not need to be everywhere - it gets too busy I found from my own playing around with my profile. Next to the background image field is a "repeat' field. I set mine on 'both'. This repeats the image much like your desktop image can be repeated or 'tiled'. That is not a suggestion, but an FYI for you - I think this is very nice as it is at the moment. It takes patience to get your page just the way you are happy with it and now that I have sort of conquered the challenges I will probably change mine more often. You did a nice job, Ann, very nice.
    It looks nice - those silly tic marks are gone and now I am convinced they were in the image. I like this bouquet of sunflowers - very mid-summer looking and a long way from winter. Thing is, it is your page and you need to be happy with it. I have changed mine so many times in the last few days that I have to remind myself what my original intent was - to bring a touch of spring to my eyes. The change to yellow/gold in the secondary content made a big difference in helping your eyes to accept the image and see the page, if you know what I mean- not so busy now. Looks very nice!
    Just for now - take a look at my profile - I used that 'faded' sunflower as a background to see what it would look like...
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