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  • Well, that is not very nice! Headaches are, um, a headache...
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Hi Anneliese
    It is good to be here! Just came back from a meeting that lasted nearly four hours...
    Hi A,

    Nice to hear of nice weather in your neck of the woods. Nice to hear your kind words and confidence building for the Radio Show. It is a big maybe thanks I will let you know if anything materializes.
    Open the windows and enjoy;)


    hi Anneliese this whas very nic that you shat whit me,and i hope that you that more my very best friend.
    Thanks Anneliese for Birthday Greettings ! Just found out that I am being taken out for dinner tonight, so I managed to get a hairdressers app for the wash and blow dry. Unfortunately it is not with my'big guy' in fact he didn't even pop by just to wish me a happy birthday ! (bo! hu!- thats me crying ) The family are taking me instead but thats ok too !
    Hello Anneliese, I'm doing great! how about yourself? What's new? Just saying hello, keep in touch. Phoenix
    Thanks for your message... Sorry that it took 2 weeks to answer :) I will never leave this board... Im always there, just not always "that" active...
    Hey excellent joke on Wizard of Oz - I may not be familiar with American politics But I understood this one - lol
    Hi Anneliese,

    Thank you for you msg i was actually supprised, someone msg me to see how i was and how i have been, you are very kind, i have been busy with work and meetings :(

    I hope you have a lovley evening.

    your friend

    Maybe joining House of Rising Sun just may be a little out of my league, politicial anyway. But I did live in London during the Blair years, so maybe I

    know..........absolutely nothing !!
    Hi Anneliese - I posted messgs today but not sure where they actually went ! I am getting a little confused about the different post areas BUT hey maybe Steve received - a nice thought. By the way your profile page is very calming with ur flower arrangments and do you think that steve takes all his fans out on their birthdays as a treat for our loyalty to him throughout the year (after year.......... irish coleen
    Hi A,

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip. The weather sounds great.

    I have not heard about the radio show. Even if it happens it will take some time. I wil keep you posted. Have a great day.

    yes, I have to go to. My daughter is working at the barn today so I have to drive her out there.
    Have a nice nap!
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