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  • Hi there,
    It's amazing, this communication was meant to be Stacey.
    We returned from shanghai a wekk ago, the property market there is at a stalemate and we were unable to get a new tenant for our flat. had to leave it, had a bit of a holiday though.
    In China i love to practice my mandarin.
    For Easter my son came from sinagpore and we had a lovely time.
    My husband and i are now alone in Hong Kong planning our next trip, to Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur.
    i will take a trip to sinagpore to visit my son from there in may.
    Lots of love and happiness to you and the children while to face all the nitty gritty obstacles that have loomed in your new life.

    I am going walking before it gets dark, now. I will chat with you later. I just wanted to stop by to say hi and see if you were here, back from oversees. I pray you have a very blessed day... Time sure goes by fast, before you know it. I didn't realize what time it was. you take care and I will chat with you later... Give your mom a hug for me, and tell her I said hello. I am wearing my favorit skirt again, today, made in the Ukrain!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi My Sister! Good to see you on here @the same time as me! We are as well as can be expected, for the circumstances... many battles yet to fight... if you know what I mean! Other than that, I am very Blessed and doing well. Yes, I will pray for your daughter and her family! Sorry to hear that! I haven't forgot when you told me before... I will Continue to pray for her and them!

    Other than that, How are you? How was your trip to Singapore? Well, I hope! R U back home or still in another country?
    Hi Stacey,
    Love to hear from you, how are you and the children? happy and healthy I hope.
    OUr family needs prayers, we are slightly faractured at the moment , polarised from our daughter in London who is acting out.
    I need to ask you for your prayers for my daughter who is acting as a wild teenager at the moment and threatening her fmaily harmony.
    Please pray that god speaks to her heart and mind and soul of the need for her to follow Jesus and go back to her family life, her husband and children. to repent, and regenerate in returning her heart , mind and soul to the children and husband who need her as a loving mother and wife.

    I continue to pray for you too.
    Good Morning My Sister! How are your and your family! So Sorry I find it hard to keep up with everyone being so extremely busy! I miss you, my sister and hope one day we are on here again, at the same time! I just thought I would tell you, I wore one of my favorit Long Skirts somewhere special last week. I have not worn it in a long time. When I was taking it out of the washer to shake out, then put in the dryer, guess where the tag said it was from? Ukrain! I immediately thought of you, when I saw that! I pray all is well and hope you are being blessed, learning much!!! Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Happy Easter to you too, and to your family Lutje,
    I had a lovely Easter holiday with my son who came from Singapore with his wife and 2 young boys aged 5 and 8.
    Lots of sightseiing in Hong KOng as well as lots of chocolate eggs!

    Thank You My Sister! Your prayers and words of encouragement are always appreciated! Hope you have a blessed day...Sorry but in a hurry as always... just stopped in to quickly check mail...now I have to go get ready for church...I'll send you a PM later this week... Take care my Dear Friend! I hope you are having a fun and blessed trip, experiencing something new every day!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hello my friendhalkush.first iThank you very much for the nice bautiful words that you sent here in my post.
    Iam from antwerp belguim and iam 24 years married and have three children,one son and two dauthers,my son is 27 years old and my duathers 24 and 10 is the litle ,her birthsday is 10 day's after Steven Seagal birthDay ,she gone be than 11years old.
    and me iam 52 yaers old,this foto you see here from me and my dauther that is one from the year befor september.
    And yes this so wonderful for have a new friend more .
    iam very happy by that ,all the Steven Seagal fans the for me my very good and nice friends,and hoop that we making more friends,,,this is good for this site here,,Suzywong and Greag the are wonderful and fantastic.
    Halkush i want you to say i hope that we gone make fun here and you are my very best friend to, like Myst,Anneliese,Sue ,Heather,Martin and all the fans here.
    love ya and take sensei.
    Hello Lutje,
    It's wonderful to have you as a friend.
    I love your posts , and your lovely picture of yourself and your child.
    How nice that we can be friends in our love for that wonderful man of all seasons, Steven Seagal.
    I live in Hong kong parttime, am married for 43 years to a malaysian Chinese man who is in real estate and we travel all year to visit South Eastern countries, australia, and China, to view his business. We have children in London and siongapore, Tania, and Anton, who between them have 5 children so we are grandparents, i am an ex teacher in International Schools but study Chinese part time now, practice it in China and Hong kong.
    spend my time travielling for the last 3 years. Hve a Ukrainian mother and sister living in Mlbourne,
    Hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, where do you live?
    Halyna Lee
    Hi Heather,
    i am preparing to travel to Shanghai this morning with my husband, we will be there for 3 weeks looking for a tenant to rent our apartment.
    the global financial downturn has caused most expats renting in our complex to leave and our tenant left last July. we have been unable to find anyone to replace him.
    so many apartments are left vacant and we have a mortgage to pay the bank.
    all rentals have gone down by two thrids and construction has virtually stopped.
    but I have 3 Books on Shanghai to study to see more of the sights this time and visit outlying towns, plus practice my Mandarin, there is always a silver lining to everything, just got to train my mind to look for it.
    Miss talking to you, do you really ride horses, I never learnt, but do admire the animals as well as people who can ride them and have a rleationship with them.
    Love your cat too.
    Love you, stay happy and healthy.
    Love you soooo much CountryEagle,
    the name suits you too,
    you are soaring to the heights of spiritual development .
    It's 3 pm in the afternoon here in Hong kOng, good night and sleep well as you enter another world .
    I do have to go to bed now, because I have to get up kinda early and have a full day ahead of me... At this point, looks like I will not get enough sleep. Take care and I will catch up to you later. I am plum exhausted right now. I stayed up way past my bed time. I had gotton into a ruiten of getting up early to pray and meditate, clean and then go walking every other day, for 2 miles at a time... It makes me feel a lot better... Then go to bed early. Now, I am so out of my ruiten... Take care my sister. I miss you much and am happy to see you back. You can get my personal email address from Sue. She can send it to you in a PM, if you want.... Okay?

    Love Always Your Sister Infinity,
    I just wanted to stop by before going to bed. I am so happy I did, since you are miracelously on here at the same time as me. First time in a very long time.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter and her family! I will certainly keep them in my prayers! Happy to hear your Mom is doing well and that your sister moved closer! I hope she will be able to help with your mom, now that she does live so much closer.

    Thank you for all your kindness, prayers and words of encouragement. Really, I think you are the one who encourages everyone so much. You have such an interesting family, too. Especially since it is so Multi-Cultural! Very Cool!

    Love Always Your Sister Infinity,
    So Good to hear from you! I missed you while you were gone; of course, I have been SO Busy that I don't get on here much. Only when I can for a few minutes here and there. So sorry about looking like I was signed in but my computer kicked me off. I haven't been able to access any web sites from my wireless laptop, in over a week... I am only signed in right now, because of where I am at & connected to...temp for a day & 1/2. Thank you for such an encouraging message! You are such a good sister and friend! How is your family! Good I hope and pray! Tell your Mom I said hello and I Love her. I wish I could remember how to say in Ukrainian... Is it even close to Russian.. I forgot. Well, if so, tell her I said "Zstrahtz-Wheatz-ee-uh! Yo Oh-Chin Lube-lue-vahs! Okay? Thanks! Oh-chin Speh-cee-buh mien-yah Sist-trah! Hope you have a Blessed Day and night! I will PM you when I have more time.
    Love Always Your Sister Infinity,
    Hi Halyna! So sorry I haven't been able to sign onto my computer for days now... my wireless internet is messed up and haven't been able to sign on... now at library.. it will let me sign on here but not onto my yahoo account... don't know why... will have to go have my computer worked on so I can check and answer all my emails.. Si good to hear from you! I miss chatting with you... I've been SOOOO Busy tooo!!!! Major busy and not that much time to stay signed onto internet... I promise When I have more time I will send you a long PM and catch up with you, on everything... Thank you so much for your thoughts and all your prays. I Love you and Miss you Much my sister!
    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Halyna,

    So good to hear from you!!:) I missed you too!! It is good seeing you back here!!

    I am doing good, just kind of busy with different things and I am still "Happy" go "Lucky":D

    Just letting you know that I do enjoy your posts. You always show so much compassion and have so much wisdom!!!

    Take care and I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!!


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