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  • HI Halyna! Sorry I missed you. We were gone for 6 1/2 hours and just got back home. I hope you have a Safe and Blessed trip to China. "Sung Dee Bow U Knee"!
    Both Dr. Gedelia and the Pediatric Endocrinologist he consulted, agreeded to run more blood test on Jeb. They are testing his ANA and other components for SLE Lupus, again; and Testing his TSH, T3 and T4 levels, etc... The doctor said that is TSH and T4 levels are abnormally high and that the T3 is elevated 232 above the normal level.... The doctor said that it is abnormal for both the T3 and TSH to be abnormally high, at the same time. He said if the T3 is abnormally high, then the TSH is normally too low....not Both abnormally high,..... That was a puzzle to all 3 doctors and a concern to them and me. They ordered more blood work and I will not find anything out for atleast another 3 or 4 weeks. All this waiting is starting to wear me out... I have lost over 12 lbs, fasting and praying so much. I am concerned because I want to find out an answer ASAP so they can take interventive measures ASAP, in order to prevent anything further going wrong with me son. Early Intervention, for what ever is wrong. Since the TSH & The T3 & T4 has to do with the Petuatary gland in the brain, they think Jeb may have Hypothyroidism....I thought the T3 had to do with the white blood cells but thank GOD ADONAI it does not!!!

    If I find out anything soon, I will let you know what they say. Thank you so much for the prayers!!! I just stopped by for a few minutes... I am so exhausted and need to take a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night, although I tried.... Now I am wore out.... Jeb is tired, too.

    Take care and hope you have a blessed trip to China. Sigh-Gen! Wahn-Ahn! Dahs-vee-dahn-yuh! Pea-kah menya Sis-stah!

    Love Your Sister,
    Thanks ann,
    My god, I love you lot!
    How nice of you to end me on my way with well wishes, acutally I'm off on a slow boat with Steven: destination: a secret, I will pass on your love to him: if I have time to take my eyes off him!

    Love to you all
    Thanks Sue,
    thanks all you Steven loving gals.
    In my mind I'm going on a slw boat down the Yangtze river with my hunk , big man Steven.
    Love and Peace,
    Hi Halyna

    Enjoy your trip to China, going on a slow boat with Steven by any chance? :p
    Will miss you! Have a safe trip.
    So, take a deep breath and take the plunge!
    I have been mulling things over today, and what it comes down to , I think, is that I am scared that this will go off in a direction that I can't manage. But, I also know with a deep conviction, that I have to follow my path.
    Scary, but necessary. Keep me in your prayers, please, I am going to need a deep resource of strength to follow through on this.
    Hello and Wow.

    You have the Wow factor. I hope things go well for the Production of His Ways. If asked I will say there is a big Wow that makes the whole thing epic.

    Thank you so very much.

    I will send you a PM tomorrow... I met a 2 very nice deaf ladies from Mississippi, whom I met at the House of Blues Restraunt 5 hours before the concert. They did not know Steven was having a concert so I invited them to come with me. One of them came with me and I help interpert some things for her...It was such a Blessing! I met so many people from other countries and was able to practice some of my multi-language skills! That was awesome!!! Although limited in my multi-language abilities, I was understood, so that at least lets me know I am on the right path.
    HI Halyna! I am so exhausted but thought I would stop in for a few minutes to let everyone know how the concert was, and just saw you on her... I just got back about 1 hour ago, at 2 AM....Awesome! I purchased Stevens CD "Crystal Cave" and listened to it on the way home... It was so beautiful!!! I Love Song # 3 "Music" . I was very impressed with Stevens musical ability...he is so tallented and such a very nice man...so are the people who work for him...
    Well, it's 11.20 am here in Hong kong, the storm last night was so severe and rumbling and striking up such a racket all night.I woke bleary eyed at 8.30 am in the morning, My husband had been up during the storm and had switched off all the power points , it was still going but inbetween i switced on my computer to see if there were any emails from my daughter who is having marital troubles in London.
    she is married to such a star and sweet guy and I'm so worried that the stage she is going through , she's on a self destruct path , that tshe will ruin 5 lives including her own. I stayed up late last night praying and visualizing god's intervention just seeing her and her family moving from the darness into the light.
    god i tell you mn there is so much evil in the world, so many relationships going down the tube becuase of self centred behaviours.
    these are evil but good times too.
    I'm the spiritual nurtuer in the family and have been sending her and her husband spiritual strangth, kind words and words of comfort.

    I know, the flu is so debilitating. I had it for 2 months in Melbourne and some days I just felt like dying.
    there is absolutely nothing you can do except treat yurself gently. make tea with lemon and honey and paracaetomol if it gets too awful and sleep.
    my doctor in Melbourne came to give me ventolin as i got asthma and couldn't breathe and when i did , my chest whistled and wheezed.
    don't forget, if you get a chest infection and have to take antibiotics , take acidopholus (in tablet or capsule form) with them, they will return and strengthen the good bacteria in your gut which gets depleted by the antibiotics. Take a good strong multivitamin tablet that contains minerals too.the body gets so worn down and depleted during and after the flu.
    dont' believe what your mind is telling you during the flu, it gets depressed and perceives as everything black , gloom and doom.
    Watch a good comedy while resting, it helps you to be self forgetful.
    visualize Steven standing over you and reaching out with his healing hands on your forehead. that will soothe you.
    god be with you,
    Hi Halyna how are you today?.. iam so down in the dumps with this stupid cold ..wish steven would say hey all you aussie girls iam coming your way?..but then i come to my senses..
    I think the quickest way to join Sea gals is to go to Quick Links on the bar above.
    Pick Social Groups = since there is only one at the present you should see Sea Gals and I believe there is a "join group" choice on the right hand side. Just click that and it should make you part of the group -

    See you there!! Have a good day!!
    Hi Halyna
    I've sent you an invite to join the social group Sea gals, I can't see your name on the list as already being there but it keeps changing order. It's just a bit of fun and laugh in there.

    I hope the massage place was good, I've never had a proper massage (a few improper ones :p) but the idea of one is so relaxing.
    Take care
    Hi girl i wish you an safe journey i will miss you ...yes steven does have that affect on us girls doesnt he the buggar..lol.. but i love for his body mind and soul...
    and iam an fan to don i havent been here nearly 5 years for nothing i love the big guy and everyone shows it in there own way just some abit more wilder then others..how are you halyna hope all is well girl..
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