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Kumpeljesus;172785 said:
Today i Buy the german DVD, its a REALY Good Action Movie with Seagal!
Its Cool Action, and many Blood, i love thgis style.

I´m with you, I like a lot Attack Force.The blood, the alien touch...Cool to enjoy


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Still haven't seen this movie yet, I think I'ma order it from Amazon right now and once I recieve it and watch it I will write my review like I always do.


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I have eagerly awaited the release of the latest Steven Seagal film and after buying it (wish I had not) I think this is actually the worst film he has ever made, I am a real fan but this was awful the dubbing terrible sounded like Martin Sheen on quite a few occasions, when he fought with a woman near the end of the film and cut her accross the chest with his blade that was after they played patacake for a while the cut went from left side of her body to the right side and then back again as the sequences changed in each shot as I said I am an avid fan BUT this is really worth a miss I wish I had read a review before wasting money on the film. Seagal needs to get back to his good film making days perhaps take time in making and releasing them instead of churning a film out every few months or perhaps nowadays stick to singing which after seeing him in concert think would be a good career move.


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Just bought it and i will make my own mind up about it,not be influenced by some of the horrendous reviews here. I sure hope he does not login here lol.

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Please watch it!!
You know me, I'd watch anything as long as Steven
was on the screen. But, I'm sorry to say, this is THE
worst film he has ever made. Not one of us understands
why it was even released. It had to have been for what
ever money they could glean from of it.
I don't think that Steven has seen this film nor do I
think that "anyone" around him is telling him just how
bad it is. It's just not a Steven Seagal film! That's some
strange person on the screen that we have not seen before!
Usually even a bad film will have some redeeming qualities but
not this film.
God bless,
Mama san


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Well,i bought it so i am confirmed to watch it. I'll let you know what i thought. Thanks.


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Attack Farce

Hi all
Sorry if you've all covered this movie before, but jeeeez!

I watched it for the first time last night and thought "What a mess!" I mean I'm as die-hard a fan as the rest of you, but I watched about half of it on fast forward.

What was with his voice? I mean I've seen past efforts where the dubbing has appeared in a couple of places, but to be dubbed straight from the off for the first two or three minutes!

Again it was another dark, European, all set at night, over-complicated, muddled plot! These days the films seem to land you straight in the middle of the story without any build up of story or characters.

The fighting was so-so and the close-up shots of Seagal fighting the 'Boss' looked like he was trying to swat away a rather angry mosquito.

Please Mr. Halpin, look to the fans and get him back to US soil and a more back to basics formula. Lose the firearms and lose the weight and do what you do best - Aikido.

Look at 'Casino Royale', they stripped that back to basics and look at the result that had. Not only did it satisfy the doubting legion of Bond fans but won a whole new set of Bond fans in the process.

I'm sorry that this is a little negative, but we deserve more, HE deserves more. We know what he's capable of and what we want, I mean at the time 'Fire Down Below' lokked like a bit of sub-standard Segal movie, but compared to this new lot, it looks like 'Ben Hur'!

Keep the faith fans

Have a good weekend all

Take care



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Dark,European. That says it all! In my opinion,the European settings of a lot of his recent films have made US fans moan a lot more than they would have done otherwise.I know they have not been great anyway,but if you lot are truthful,it isss a factor.
Attack Force was not half as bad as i expected after the reviews here! Sure his voice is dubbed in parts but that can happen after an actor leaves the set and they re-edit. As a film,it was not bad at all. I would say Seagal was not convincing in the action though.


Attack Farce

This by a million miles is the worst Steven film I have ever seen. After about 30mins I had a headache. The story i understand had to changed from Sci fi to well nothing due to budget problems. The amount of dialogue off camera dubbed in later to cover plot problems made it unwatchable. This film makes Out for a Kill look like Lords of the Rings. To finsih on a positive note just watched Flight of Fury which was much better despite the use of poor quality stock footage. Lets hope Steven is on one of his upturns for a while. Good to see the next two films are US productions. Hey Steven lets have a Western pic and dont call yourself John.

_Steven Seagal_

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The movie is really really bad. I am so sorry that Steven still keeps making bad movies. This one is a real stinker, together with "Black Dawn" his worst movie. Please Steven come back with "Urban Justice"!

Attack Force gets


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Unwatchable. The occasional dubbing for Seagal was worse than usual, the dialogue was awful and as for the story...ugh. There was stuff going in in the first 10 minutes or so that left me scratching my head. For example, a woman walks into the bar Seagal is in...he follows her, kisses her and asks what she's doing there, then the scene abruptly changes to another and the viewer is left with no idea what just happened or why. I stopped watching not long after the lame scene with the three guys bringing the girl back to their hotel room.

This will be the last of Steven's DTV efforts I'll be watching. If I read positive reviews of something he does later, then I might give it a shot...but for now, I refuse to waste any more time watching drek like this. I hope that Steven wises up and looks for new talent to work with, preferably in Hollywood. I'd like to see him take the time to reinvent himself and make a comeback that will appeal to a larger audience. He's a talented guy and deserves so much more than involving himself in these lousy z-grade movies.

(edited to add) The director of Steven's latest film has stated elsewhere on this message board that there will be no dubbing in his new movie so I'm going to give it a shot. At least the absence of this distracting dubbing might make watching a new Seagal film a more enjoyable experience.


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i didnt mind the movie it was interesting
but yes the dubbing was horrible
i'd rate it a 5/10
average movie


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This was the worst movie I have very seen, Just brought it today for £6 and I am so glade it has now finished. The dubbing was rubbish and the camera wobbled a bit. Overall this film is going to the bottom of my DVD collection. I hope Flight of the Fury is much better now going to watch it.


what can i add to all that? All good, honest opinions,thanks for that.
Just Ditto, ditto, ditto!
for me it was Steven's Worst movie ever, but form that point you can only go up and up.
His last movie was good.


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The dubbing was hilarious and Seagal was only on screen for about a third of the entiry movie, but I liked the movie better than The Foreigner. The sci-fi touch (including the blood) was different than usual with Seagal movies and some of the actors were actually quite decent. Had the action been more convincing I would have rated it higher, for now I'll rate it a 4 out of 10.


Attack Farce

I forced myself to have a heart attack to that i could be taken into hospital to get away from this film. I love Steve but this film makes submerged look like Once Upon a Time in the West.
For me, this movie is the worst one, that has Seagal done. It is simply not my cup of tea. The movie is not an action movie, it is a sci-fi with action and I really didn't like this movie. Seagal is not very enthusiastic, only a few fights, bad story and bad filming locations. Although Steven Seagal is the most favourite actor of mine, I must say, that this movie is really substandard. But I think that the main problem was not in Seagal - it was in the terrible director named Michael Keusch. He damaged Seagal's career with this and still with Shadow Man and Flight of Fury. ...I would rate this movie 3.5/10.